I am Alekh Gupta, an undergraduate student in Computer Science & Engineering at NIT Hamirpur in India. I am a Competitive Programmer and Open-source contributer. For more details and reference see here.

Most recently, I worked with GNU Radio Project as a Student Developer for GSoC 2020.

I worked on the project “gr-dpd: Digital Pre-Distortion” with the GNU Radio Organisation, mentored by Derek Kozel, Zack Costello and Andrej Rode.

This is my first ever blog mostly written about this project. Any suggestions to improve my writings is appreciable.

Digital Pre-Distortion is a popular technique used to compensate for distortion caused due to non-linear Power Amplifiers used in wireless communication today. This project will focus on implementing standard DPD algorithms in an OOT module of GNU radio in form of blocks. This will involve adding a GUI tool for observing AM-AM and AM-PM responses.

I have posted weekly posts and other news on this blog to help everyone keep track of this project’s progress. Here is the GNU Radio Repository on GitHub, where this project is maintained.