Week 12: Documentation completion, Code cleanup and add ‘learning_rate’ parameter in LMS_postdistorter

Nearing the final submissions, this week’s work was more focussed on finalising the code written till now, doing some bit of changes and completion of the documentation.

Major commits in the gr-dpd repository are:

  • Updated gr-dpd Docs/README.md : This involves addition of the description such as brief details about block’s working and its parameters, links to the relevant example flowgraphs, for every block in the gr-dpd module.
  • Updated include files.h for every block : This was to make the documentation of every block visible in the GNU Radio Companion. Also doxygen generated html files for API documentation is added.
  • Added learning_rate parameter to LMS_postdistorter : User can now choose the learning_rate value (in range 0 to 1) for LMS postdistortion.
  • Code Cleanup and corrections : Any sort of redundant code and comments in between are now removed. Also any changes related to naming are done for better understanding of code/ module while using.

Upcoming Final Week Tasks:

  • Merging / Manually commiting the changes which have been approved in synchronisation_test branch.
  • Try to get some practical or real world Power Amplifiers’ based PA model coefficients and corresponding predistorter coefficients. And subsequently load the coefficients in Static_Predistorter_test flowgraph.

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