Week 11: Predistorter ‘static’ mode option added & Documentation work

The predistorter_training block has been modified to provide with two modes of its operation based on how the predistorter ‘taps’ are initialised or updated. These two modes are namely, static (new) and training (was in use already).

  • In static mode, predistortion coefficients are given by user as complex_vector parameter.
  • In training mode, it is necessary to connect ‘taps’ input message-port to a postdistorter block passing message ‘taps’ after adaptive-estimation.

Major Commits to the gr-dpd repository are:

  • Updated predistorter_training block: Allows both ‘static’ and ‘training’ mode operation of predistorter. In ‘static’ mode, ‘taps’ are provided as parameters by user.
  • Added new Static_Predistorter_test_run flowgraph: This flowgraph is useful to test the proper function of predistorter block in static mode of operation for different values of Predistorter ‘taps’.
  • Updated some images in documentation.
  • Added the docs/README.md containing documentation/description of every block such as parameters, corresponding test flowgraph link, etc. Currently it contains description of PA blocks.

Upcoming Week Tasks are:

  • Finalising all the documentation in the README as well as within block’s code files.
  • Generation of DPD’s documentation html pages using doxygen.
  • Doing relevant code cleanup.

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