Week 6: Signal Source GRC block ‘cmd’ port addition, gain_phase_test flowgraphs

This week’s work involved a new update to the Signal Source block of GNU Radio source tree, some corrections to gain_phase_calibrate & stream_to_gmp_vector blocks and addition of general test flowgaphs for gain_phase_calibrate block.

So, the PR to make the changes in the signal_source block of GNU Radio is here:

  • PR #3582: This pull request was made by me and was further superseded by #3588 which was made by Marcus Müller. Special thanks to him for that quick upgrade of that pull request made by me. He also added a useful test flowgraph – sig_source_msg_ports.grc for testing this functionality.

Above changes in source_block will be useful for the purpose of AM-AM and AM-PM measurements in a dynamic way. It adds a new ‘cmd’ port message port to be able to recieve message updates for amplitude, frequency, offset and phase of the signal.

Major Commits to the gr-dpd (both master and alekh_gr) repository are:

  • Updating gain_phase_calibrate block to remove the error for the cases with no output gain, i.e., when gain is unity(1.0+0.0j).
  • Updating the stream_to_gmp_vector to correct gen_GMPvector utility function.
  • Addition of the test flowgraphs (made by Derek Kozel) – gain_phase_GMP_test.grc and gain_phase_test.grc for testing functioning of gain_phase_calibrate block. Special thanks to my mentor for these great tests to test the gain_phase_calibrate block.

Below are the above mentioned flowgraphs:

  • Updated copyright lines of all the code files of the gr-dpd repository.

Upcoming week tasks are as follows:

  • Updation of the GRC IO port labels of gr-dpd blocks to improve their understanding and use while using in flowgraphs.
  • Addition of the functionality for runtime updation of MP and GMP model PA coefficients as block parameters.
  • Bug fixes in the gr-dpd to improve its performance and work on synchronisation.

Any suggestions for improvements and/ or fixes to this work are highly appreciated.

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