Week 4 : Improvements and testing the RLS Algorithm

This week started with some minor but significant improvents to the gr-dpd to make it more accessible to a user even in its current state. As proposed I worked towards getting it tested in a reasonble way and to get it working. It involved adding a new example flowgraph.

Afterwards, I worked upon adding a new feature of having option to include even terms or odd terms only or both to the PA( Power Amplifier) output for XXX_model_PA blocks.

Finally, on the suggestion of my mentor, I did clang-formatting to make the codebase of this OOT module consistent with GR standards.

Major Commits to the gr-dpd repository are:

  • Added Mode to GMP_model_PA/ MP_model to give an option to include even terms or odd terms only or both in the PA output.
  • Code clang formatted: This involved adding .clang-format and .clang-tidy files and then running the clang-format using the clang_format.py runner tool from gnuradio.
  • Addition of a new Example flowgraph – RLS_test_run_two_tone_setup.grc involving two signal sources and a gaussian noise source added up to get some reasonable early stage testbench.
  • Some minor corrections to the YAML files and other minor corrections to get the gr-dpd module error free both during building and running the examples flowgraphs.
  • Addition of the README.md and LICENSE.md files to improve user accessibility of this module and meet the community standards.

Overall, this week helped me in getting this module in an initial working stage and improving the very basic but significant things related to documentation, code-formatting, etc.

RLS_test_run_two_tone_setup.grc – Examples flowgraph
Demonstration of DPD effects – which are clearly visible
Visible Pre-distortion in between the tones

Upcoming week tasks proposed are:

  • More improvements to the DPD blocks implemented so far and to remove the redundant code.
  • Getting to work upon the synchronisation of signal for making this module useful for real-world physicals applications.

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